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At Fenster Farm we grow differently. Hydroponics is our method for growing most of the produce here at Fenster Farm.  We have dedicated 3000 square feet of greenhouse space to hydroponic lettuces and leafy greens alone. You have never tasted a better lettuce than the living lettuce that comes from that greenhouse.


Advantages of Hydroponics

Reduce Labor 

Hydroponic systems require no tilling, weeding, heavy-lifting, or extensive stooping and kneeling. Reduce labor without affecting yields.


Save Water

Hydroponic systems use significantly less water than soil-based farming and allow you to recycle the water you give to your plants.


Protect Year-Round

Food is typically vulnerable to extreme weather and pests. Hydroponic systems can be set up indoors, away from harmful elements.


Harvest Consistently

With plants safe from pests and elements, hydroponic systems allow growers to grow and harvest consistently, regardless of seasonality

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Visit us at the Oakland TN Farmers Market in the parking lot of the Oakland Presbyterian Church ( corner of Hwy 64 and Hwy 194 in Oakland TN) from 9AM til 1PM on Saturday.

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Darlene won 2 Blue Ribbons at the Cotton Festival this summer in Somerville TN. One for cake Pops and one for cinnamon rolls. She also won 2 blue ribbons at the Oakland In October Festival for them. That is no coincidence. Her baking skills are for real people. If you are interested in purchasing either of these gems visit our online store.

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Additional Greenhouses

We currently have 2 fully functioning greenhouses up and a 3rd is almost complete (we are growing in it but there is still work to do to complete the build). I have a 4th on the farm and hope to have it up by Spring of 2019.

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Hydroponic Living Lettuce

We grow several varieties of hydroponic living lettuce in one of our hydroponic greenhouses!

Fresh Vine Ripened Hot House Tomatoes

Grown year round in raised beds of organic medium in greenhouses.

Oakland TN Farmers Market

Come see us Saturday mornings from 9AM until 1PM


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